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Specialists in Asbestos removal and Air monitoring

Asbestos removal

Our team are on hand to help with asbestos removal today. We are all highly trained and experienced with dealing with asbestos, and can help with both domestic and commercial asbestos removal. From domestic properties to government agencies, industrial to retail, we are experienced with dealing with a range of different asbestos removal projects and we can come and assess your asbestos if you believe it to be a threat. Common items removed due to asbestos infection include asbestos garages, asbestos floor tiles and asbestos pipe installation and we are more than happy to look into anything you believe we may need to take a look at, no matter how large or small your asbestos removal need is! To find out more, call us today!

Air monitoring

Air monitoring is an important part of asbestos removal, as it serves as a precautionary measure to help ensure that there are no asbestos particles, such as dust or fibres, in the air which could be dangerous. We undergo a process of air sampling and then analyse our findings in a specialist laboratory by our top analysts. This sampling is important if suspect that any materials at your home or work are being removed as a result of asbestos, as any remaining particles could still cause you harm. If you have any questions and would like to find out more about air monitoring or whether you would benefit from air monitoring, please contact us today.